> Studio Makeover

I am being very brave posting pics of the old studio and sharing my remodel/move to the larger space as it continues (right now, very slowly). Believe it or not the old studio was pretty organized. I liked to call it an organized mess - LOL! It just became so cramped with so much CRAP it wasn't conducive to creating anymore. Please be kind if you comment! :0) Update: The studio is finished! Woohoo!

Original 12x12 Paper Storage (768x1024)
Entrance To Old Studio
Old Studio1 (768x1024)
Old Studio2 (1024x768)
Old Studio3 (768x1024)
Old Studio5 (1024x768)
Old Studio6 (1024x768)
Old Studio7 (1024x768)
New Studio1 (1024x768)
New Studio2 (1024x768)
12x12 Fixture Finished
12x12 Fixture2 (768x1024)
9 Cube Units
9 Cube Unit Closeup
Cubicals Box
9 Cube Unit2 (1024x768)
12 Cube Console (1024x768)
Studio Tabletop1
Wooden Box
1st Coat Studio Table
Finished Table1
Finished Table2
Finished Table Detail
Studio Left Side
Studio Right Side
Studio Shelf Detail
Thread Cabinet, Antique Tool Chest, Etc
Hanging File Chest
Sewing and Diecutting area
UM Rubber Stamp Corner
Studio Overview