> San Francisco 2011

The Brilliant Artist
Gorgeous Cast Glass Figure!
Another View - It Just Glows With Inner Light!
Cast Figure Artist
Amazing Mixed Media Sculpture
Mixed Media Sculpture Closeup
Peruvian Feather Bird - a little blurry but it's so cool!
Mexican Santos Painting
Santos Painting closeup
1700's Chest Of Drawers Close up
1700's Chest Of Drawers
1700's Hand Carved Chest of Drawers Closeup
1700's Hand Carved Chest of Drawers
Formal Portrait
Tiffany Glass Inkwell 1
Tiffany Glass Inkwell 2
Tiffany Glass Paperweight
Tiffany Glass Bowl
Full Length Portrait
DeYoung Observatory 1
DeYoung Observatory 2
DeYoung Observatory 3
DeYoung Observatory 4
DeYoung Observatory 6 Closeup of grass roof on the exploratorium
DeYoung Observatory 5 Notice grass roof on the exploratorium
DeYoung Observatory 7
DeYoung Observatory 8 Music Park Shell
Tea Garden Entrance
DeYoung Observatory 9  View of observatory from the ground
Conservatory Of Flowers 1
Massive Tree in Front of McClarren 'cottage'
Haight St Art 1
Haight St Art 2
Haight St Art 3
Haight Ashbury
Haight St Art 4
Some SF Painted Ladies
Curved Glass Windows!
My Fav Pic of SF
7 Sisters Painted Lady
Where TV show Full House was filmed
Another 7 Sisters
City Hall Solid Gold Trimmed Rotunda
Turning a Cable Car 1
Turning Cable Car 2
Going Up Powell St 1
Looking Back Down Powell
Looking Toward Coit Tower
Powell & Lombard
Powell & Lombard 2
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